Self Assessment

Each year around one million people are fined by HM Revenue and Customs for late returns or failing to supply a self-assessment tax return.

Don't be one of those people attracting a penalty for your self-assessment tax returns.

At Sky Accounting we can take away the hassle of your tax returns for you - saving you time and money. We offer a full self-assessment tax advice service, including current, up to date information on tax breaks and tax allowances.

Many of our clients at Sky Accounting need to file personal tax returns, either because they are self-employed, a member of a partnership or a company director.

No matter how simple or how complex your personal financial affairs are, the team at Sky Accounting will ensure that your self-assessment is accurate and timely, and helping you make the most of all legitimate allowances and deductions and any tax breaks provided.

The Sky Accounting self-assessment tax service:

  • Calculates your tax liability
  • Helps assess income (via earnings/pensions/benefits/investments etc.)
  • Advises on capital gains, property rental income etc.
  • Advises high income earners ( or those with more than one income)
  • Provides up to date information on allowable expenses and exemptions
  • Files your return to HMRC
  • Deals with the Revenue on your behalf

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